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Plant and CCUS Systems

Powerplant Financial Simulation Models

Text Box: IGCC Coal to Electricity
Text Box: Commercial Assessment  of Power Plants
Text Box: Gerdes Final Report NETL
Text Box: CBTL Final Report NETL
Text Box: Coal & NG to  Electricity
Text Box: Coal-Derived Syngas to Hydrogen 1.
Text Box: Coal-Derived Syngas to Hydrogen 2.
Text Box: Coal-Derived Syngas to Hydrogen 3.
Text Box: Coal-Derived Syngas to Hydrogen 4.
Text Box: IGCC Fossil Energy to Liquids via F-T  Synth
Text Box: Coal to SNG and Ammonia
Text Box: IGCC Natural Gas to Electricity
Text Box: IGCC Bituminous Coal to Electricity
Text Box: Coal to Syngas & Ammonia Presentation
Text Box: PB Coal and NG to Electricity

Reference Powerplants

Text Box: Dakota Gasification
Text Box: SaskPower Boundary Dam
Text Box: Eastman Chemical
Text Box: Net Power  Allam Cycle Plant Prototype
Text Box: ISAB, Sarlux and ENIPower IGCC’s

Estimating Software

Mechanical Estimating

Training and Certification

CCS/CCUS  Academic Training

Text Box: United States Energy Association provides the following list of academic curriculae to promulgate knowledge respecting technology and procedures associated with CCS/CCUS.    For full details, please click here.
Text Box: 2019 Outlook of U.S. Power Generation Plant Construction Through 2050 courtesy of EIA
Text Box: Current global listing 
of municipal waste-to-energy power generating facilities
Text Box: Current Price, Carbon Offset:  $0.20/MT  
(courtesy of 
Text Box: Current Producer Price, 
Commodity Carbon Dioxide:  $355.40/MT



CO2 Zone
Text Box: This Website provides power plant & CCS/CCUS technical archives available free of charge for downloading as a professional courtesy.   

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