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Modern sewage sludge and municipal waste

combustion & gasification technology

for power generation and chemical manufacture

The imminent future of 

self-financing & zero-emissions 

plague vector mitigation,

power generation and

chemical manufacturing:

Text Box: Technical papers on sewage incineration and gasification plus such installations’ environmental compliance standards for construction and operation
Co-Combustion Of Coal And Sewage Sludge
Valorization Of Sewage Sludge Combustion
Sewage Sludge Characteristics 
and Recovery Options

Full Federal Register Entry of  Final Rules For Sewage Sludge Incineration Plant Construction, Operation and Training plus Permitting Requirements

“Quick-Study” Briefing Videos on State-of-the-Art Sewage Incineration & Gasification Plants 
Mitsubishi sewage sludge power plant
Stadt Mannheim’s sewage sludge gasification plant
Zurich’s Outotec sewage sludge incineration plant
Text Box: U.S. Biosolids National Convening by
the Water Environment Federation
November 20-21, 2019
Discussion points & agendae:
2019 Backgrounder
2019 Document/Discussion Synthesis 
upon which the 2019 convening was based

These are true plague fighters at war for us. 
Text Box: Performance Of Municipal Solid Waste Cofiring In Coal Power Plants
Text Box: MSW and Biomass Cofiring In Existing Power Plants
Text Box: Hydrothermal Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste to Solid Fuel 
Text Box: Energy Potential from Co-firing Coal with Municipal Solid Waste
Text Box: Control of Emissions from Cofiring of Coal and RDF (MSW)
Text Box: Co-Combustion Coal/MSW 
Fluidized Bed Reactor
Text Box: Co-Combustion: A Summary 
Of Technologies
Text Box: The U.S. Center For Disease Control’s
Verdict on Sodium Hypochlorite’s Effectiveness 
In Removing Pathogens Including Viruses 
From Municipal Drinking Water:

Part One                                          Part Two

What Architects, HVAC Contractors &

Pandemic Wranglers  Learned From

19th Century TB Clinic Design and

1918 Influenza Hospitals


Text Box: How The TB Plague Created The 
Modernist Movement  in Architecture
Text Box: Corona Virus And A Lesson From The Sun
Text Box: New York City's innovative epidemiologist:
The Life Of Dr. Morris Greenberg
Text Box: The 1918 Influenza Epidemic in New York City: 
A Review of the Public Health Response
Text Box: Commercial Air Filtration Methods For 
Combating COVID-19 by Camfil Corp.
Text Box: ASHRAE HVAC Standards  For  Respiratory
Pandemic Prevention and Response
Text Box: Natural Daylight and Fresh Air Systems 
From Moffitt International
Text Box: The ASHRAE Engineering Standard
For COVID-19 Mitigation & Prevention 
Using Increased & Improved Ventilation
Text Box: Type of Disinfectant in Drinking Water and Patterns of Mortality in Massachusetts

Here is a thought-provoking quotation from this scientific paper: “Little difference was apparent between the patterns of cause of death in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and those patterns among residents of communities, regardless of the type of disinfectant (Tables 6 and 7 comparing chlorination versus chloramine). One exception was the excess deaths from pneumonia and influenza in the chloraminated communities, particularly among males.”

There is a need to be enshrined by standards specifications in individual state and municipal inspection codes the concept of evaluating, proving out and preventing power plant,  refinery and water utility potential for constituting a microbial and viral threat. 


As but one example, buildup of algae and other potential pathogens in water-cooled shell-and-tube and plate-and-frame heat exchangers over time needs to be addressed: a hot water flush of these everyday power plant and refinery components every month with hot water at a minimum of 159 degrees Fahrenheit is a good place to start.  


With a neural-network based control system with sensors at the point of monitoring, a dashboard-based annunciator and cleanse-cycle automatic cycling, the plant operator’s task in maintaining his or her plant in pathogen-free mode becomes easier.  AspenTech and Bentley Nevada are leaders in this type of control system design, amongst others.


In utility operations cost control, predicting and prepping for risk mitigation through real-time monitoring and responsive appropriate maintenance is of paramount concern.  

Just a suggestion….