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Text Box: “Modular CCUS upgrades for maximizing 
existing coal plant profitability”
Text Box: The subject of the above linked article published in June 2016 has been transformed into an awarded official U.S. Federal research and commercialization of 10/25/2018.

For this to have happened yields two massive public benefits:

The sequestration of carbon dioxide into monetizable commodities and
Provides a ready market for natural gas and petroleum products  domestically which solves the issue of the current global market glut with grace and vigor. 

For this stratagem to be applied globally has the potential to solve carbon dioxide sequestration issues on a generally-accepted commercial & industrial basis without further government subsidies apart from the initial research while stabilizing market fluctuations in energy costs.
Text Box: For full  details on the contract awards please click here.
Text Box: Volume & totals for 2017
(physical commodity 
not abstract offset reductions!)